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Training Schedule

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Our "Ranked" Boxing Training Packages

#BRAND NEW "Ranked" Boxing Classes!!!


  • As stated above, it's obviously for children, joyful healthy nice workout including light boxing skills for our lovely kids that also that also will be taught how to defend themselves

Novice & Beginners 

  • Never boxed before? Totally clueless of the fundamental aspects of boxing? If so, you're a novice, period! (Or ideally, it's for individuals who are completely new to boxing or fitness)

Amateurs & Pro

  • Have a solid foundation in boxing? Been training boxing consistently for 1-6 months now? Already have an excellent fitness base? If yes, you're an Amateur! (Or ideally, it's for those who already have a good foundation in boxing and fitness)
  • Been boxing consistently for over 6 months? Mastered the boxing fundamentals? If so, you're a Pro! (Or ideally, it's for "hardcore" martial artist and individuals who already have a solid foundation in boxing for at least 6 months)

* Monthly Fees (3classes a week for a month)

Adult Fees: ( 21Years old+ : for men only for now)

  • 1 month = RM160
  • 3 months = RM450
  • 6 months = RM850

Student Package: ( 21Years old or below : for men only for now)

  • 1 month = RM140
  • 3 months =  RM370
  • 6 months =  RM710

Children Package: (6 to 12years old)

  • 1 month = RM140
  • 3 months =  RM370
  • 6 months =  RM710

*** ELITE TRAINING PACKAGE (6 Days a week for experienced guys only, for ,men only for now)

  • Student Fees: RM200
  • Regular Fees: RM240

+ All Packages require a one-time payment of RM100 (Registration Fee) and RM15 for custom access Keytag to follow up with your account details and referencing purposes on our system.

Walk-In Pricing & Packages

Walk-In Entry Including Gloves: RM30

Walk-In 1 Week Entry (3 Group Classes) Including Gloves: RM70

*No registration fee required

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Our "One-on-One" Personal Boxing Training (With our BEST international Coaches!)

*All classes one hour each with a flexible schedule:

To sign up for our personal training classes (or for further inquiries), contact us here or direct message us at WhatsApp: +60176169697


  • You'll be getting all the focus and the undivided attention from our best international coaches (did I not mention they're from Europe?)
  • Our coaches will help you uncover your "Special" punches and your "hidden" strengths you never even knew!
  • Personalized boxing routines!
  • Master the art of boxing & achieve peak physical fitness in HALF the TIME!
  • Gain instant confidence in your fighting style and technique
  • And of course, we'll get you towards your goals FASTER

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