Boxing group training

Boxing targets the upper body, allowing strikes with the hands only. Boxing has become a popular sport for many. It's not surprisingly, because it provides the best workout and challenges many of our senses and capacities. Try it and  you won't be disappointed.





Your Choice Gym's workout routines develops a high level of cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. We have the knowledge and experience to teach you the proper boxing techniques. These highly effective offense/defense striking sport will tone your body, targeting your major muscles and give you that overall confidence!

During training  we will teach you striking techniques used in a variation of combinations, also involving  heavy-bag/pad routines, cardio and strength exercises to increase your speed, balance, endurance, agility, coordination,  flexibility, strength and  muscle development while reducing fat.

Cardio is the basic foundation of everything you do in a fight and the road to succes. The better your cardio, the more you will be able to train. 

The more you train, the better you will become. Foot and hand speed, reactive power and hand-eye coordination can all be significantly improved 

with proper cardio. If you want to learn or upgrade your boxing skills and tone your body at the same time, "Your Choice Gym" is the way to go!

The Gym is equiped with a 5m2 boxing-ring, "Fairtex" heavy bags, angle bags, uppercut units, speed bags, double end bags, slip bags, focus pads,  leather boxing gloves, medicine-balls, resistance ropes, skipping ropes, heavy tires, chin-up bars, kettlebells etc. The Choice is Yours!

Personal Training

Experience the best workout routines.1 on 1 with our instructors in a private environment.Our personal training

sessions quickly teach beginners the proper way of boxing and getting them comfortable throwing punches and

combinations until they feel confident in every move. Whatever your training and exercise goals are, going 1 on 1 

with our instructor will get you there FAST!

  • 7 days a week:
  • Fast results - Set your own time
  • for more information pls contact us
  • contact number: 011-39997874

Personal Group Training

Personal group training gives you the possibility to train with your own selective group (friends, family, colleagues

etc.). You can set your own days and time and choose the training you prefer: Boxing, Kick-boxing or Body 

Challenge. Body Challenge is a new workout concept that gives you a total body workout using boxing and

kick-boxing workout routines.

  • 7 days a week
  • for more information pls contact us
  • contact number: 011-39997874


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