What you can expect from our boxing classes

At Your Choice Boxing Gym, get ready to work harder than ever. You'll be boxing, punching, and fist fighting your way to absolute fitness. While you're at it, you'll also be sculpting a lean, mean physique of a boxer along the way.


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Our Boxing Training

Cross Training

Training is hard, but it can also be fun at the same time. We mix and match our boxing workouts with other forms of training as well. You will be performing speed and agility drills, stability and core training, strength training exercises and much more.


If you want to be good at boxing, you have to practice a lot! Training specifically to become better at fist fighting is the name of the game. You’ll be punching heavy bags, performing pad work, and even fighting other opponents as well to hone your boxing techniques. 


High Intensity Training

In order to look and perform like a fighter, train like one! Our high-intensity workouts will get you to peak physical fitness at the fastest time possible.

Boxing Match Part 1

Our Boxing Classes

Personal Boxing Coaching Session

Take your boxing skills from beginner status to an absolute pro. Whatever your boxing goals are, our private one on one training classes will get you there fast!


Group Boxing Classes

In our group classes, you will get to find a  community of boxers and fitness enthusiast just like you. At our gym, our family like environment will definitely make you feel at home. When the going gets tough, we will always have each other’s back.


Boxing Match Part 2

It's Your Choice!

"I hated every minute of training. But, I said to myself DON'T QUIT. Suffer now, and live the rest of my life as a champion." - Muhammad Ali 

We will give you the training, the guidance, and the solutions to your boxing and fitness needs. But, it's your choice to put in the hard work and dedication into whatever you're trying to accomplish. And it's your choice to let us help you fulfil your fitness and boxing goals.

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